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Snagged this from [ profile] dizzyknee:

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order - labeled A-E) and answer the following questions. Don’t look at the questions before choosing your shows!

A - Supernatural
B - Lost
C - Merlin
D - True Blood
E - Buffy

questions and answers under the cut )

You may have noticed that I'm already in love with Merlin! I finished watching season 2 yesterday and I think it won't be long until I'll have seen season 3 as well. I just love the character Merlin, he has such a good heart!
Also: Colin Morgan ♥♥♥ He really is a cutie-pie with his accent and the fact that he watches True Blood. Also the fact that he's born on exact the same day as I has to be a ~sign, lol.

I'm going to bed now. Tomorrow is christmas! Yay!
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I finally started watching Merlin! Mainly because [ profile] kajmere forced me to. Not literally, sure, but her journal is all over this show that I felt the need to check it out. I'm halfway through Season 1 and I like it so far. I instantly started shipping Arthur/Merlin after their first scene together - damn, they have chemistry like whoa! It's mainly because of them, that I overlook some cheap special effects (I know, I know - it's a tv show and they normally don't have a budget like a blockbuster movie) or that the episodes are mainly about 'the evil witch of the week', but yeah, this is the first season and I'll give it the time to develope. I also knew somewhere in the deepest corners of my brain, that Anthony Head has a role in this show, but I must have blocked it out, cause I was really suprised to see him, lol.

Castiel is Deans friend! \o/ (Yeah, I was late with watching 'Caged Heat')

Hellcats is my new guilty pleasure.

And then there are sad news, too: My roomies are moving out :(
Diana finished university and is moving to Cologne in April to do a doctorate there. She has been my roommate for over a year now, and although we have been friends before, she became something like my best friend and I know I'll miss her like hell.
Alex, who's been my best friend and like a brother to me for five years now, is finishing university in April and wants to work as a journalist in a bigger city afterwards. (He's planning to move out in April, too) I can't even imagine life without seeing him every day.
My heart is aching! I don't want new roomies! I wanna keep my old ones! I also want to be happy for both of them - to cheer with them for having such good prospects, but I have a hard time doing so.
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I know - it's been a while and I'm sorry if I left you guys worrying about me and for missing your birthdays and any other important event in your life! I'll be here more often from now on!

My face got back to normal after two weeks or so and I don't know, I guess I needed a break to make a fresh start in every part of my life. I spent a lot of time with my family and a few close friends. You really see who your real friends are when you're going through a hard time! And I'm brunette now. That's all, really! My life was very boring (in a good way) the last few weeks.

But now the boys are back and so am I. Yes! Supernatural's sixth season started!
Cut for Spoilers! )

Did you see the episode? What do you think?
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I should read some articles for university now. I should make me some dinner. I should clean my room (It looks like apocalypse is going on here). I should call my Mom. I should work on my paper for a class in Ancient History.
But what I'm doing right now is watching Supernatural Season 3 episodes and thinking about a new username. I really don't like mine anymore, I mean: 'bridgetshoeless' - nahhh - I obviously couldn't think of anything better when I created my journal here, so any suggestions? Everything I thought of is already taken (e.g. nightsong, ankledeep, noceiling).

Instead of actually work today at work I fixed our computer (I share an office with my co-workers) which had a problem with its audio driver but this should actually do the so-called "expert", who wasn't able to fix it for weeks. I mean, yeah - I totally rock, but this wasn't my task in the first place.

I'm the laziest person you've ever seen.
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Alas, we must wait until January for more Supernatural after that gut wrenching, epic, depressing season split episode. But, to hold you over and carry you through the holiday season, I give you
The Supernatural Kink Meme!

Tell your friends and join in on the fun.
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