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Thank you [personal profile] ronsoftie, [personal profile] vix_spes, [personal profile] wldcatsprstr_14, [personal profile] cosmo_jenny, [profile] littlesparrow85 and [personal profile] debris_k for your lovely christmas cards! ♥♥♥
I hope my cards arrived at a decent time!? Let me know when you got it!

[personal profile] vix_spes sent me this handwritten Leon/Percival fic along with her card:
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I absolutely love it! Thank you so much, bb! ♥

in other news:
I am totally fucked. I have to finish my master thesis until January 12th and there is still so, so much to do. I'll have to live on caffeine to get through the next two weeks of master-thesis-hell.
The thing is: I deserve this. I am such a procrastinator, always was, and you might think that I learned from similar situations in the past where I barely managed to get my papers for university done in time. I always try to start working on stuff early, but when there's not a due date looming in the near future I just end up surfing the internet or watching tv.
Therefore I have to accept my cruel fate, so don't worry if you don't see me around much here. I have to work my ass off to get this done in time. I'll probably check in here once a day (because I can't stay away from LJ completely), but don't get mad if I need some time to reply to your comments/entries.

And since Livejournal created a big mess with updating the commenting system I got a dreamwidth account, just in case. I don't see me leaving livejournal, but I know that some of you think about moving over to DW and I'd join you before sitting here alone. For now I'll make mirror-posts of my entries here on DW.
If anyone wants to add me there, my username is the same one as here: soundoftrees
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I should read some articles for university now. I should make me some dinner. I should clean my room (It looks like apocalypse is going on here). I should call my Mom. I should work on my paper for a class in Ancient History.
But what I'm doing right now is watching Supernatural Season 3 episodes and thinking about a new username. I really don't like mine anymore, I mean: 'bridgetshoeless' - nahhh - I obviously couldn't think of anything better when I created my journal here, so any suggestions? Everything I thought of is already taken (e.g. nightsong, ankledeep, noceiling).

Instead of actually work today at work I fixed our computer (I share an office with my co-workers) which had a problem with its audio driver but this should actually do the so-called "expert", who wasn't able to fix it for weeks. I mean, yeah - I totally rock, but this wasn't my task in the first place.

I'm the laziest person you've ever seen.
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